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 The word `Angel’ is taken from the Greek word `Angelos’, which means `Messenger of God’. Angels are those souls who from the beginning of creation never lost contact with God, never had physical lives, and seek only to fulfill the will of the God. Angels can vary in form, depending on the needs and expectations of those requesting help. They may appear either male or female, but are neither. They are androgynous. They are being of light energy. They will manifest themselves in the way we wish to see them.

Angels came into being as a link between the Creator and Humanity. They bring us message to guide and protect us during the spiritual and transformation that is taking place now on the planet. Over the past few years’ people are connecting with angels more and more. Angels are here to teach us that god’s love to answer all question and challenges. They heal us from the effect of fear. Angels are powerful healers and we can walk with them to speed up healing efforts. The more we invite angels in our lives, the more readily our lives reflect the splendour  of heaven. There are no limits to angels healing powers. They can help us heal our relationships, career concerns, finances, housing issues and any other challenges that are bothering us.

Everyone has their own definition of what who an angel is. To me angel is anyone who help us.



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